KTC strives to offer top quality coaching. The coaching offering is constantly updated. Currently we offer coached sessions for swimming, Running and indoor cycling spin sessions. The club actively encourages members to take their coaching qualifications.


The club is supported by several BTF qualified coaches – simply click on the name to see the coach and a short message


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Matt Mollart

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Loz Mollart

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Liz Parris

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Adam Horrocks

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Steve Walsh (Training)

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Hannah Bassirat (Training)


Group coached sessions provide an opportunity to meet and train with friends and fellow club members, this means, people with similar goals and objectives. Coaches will split groups on ability if necessary and there is no need to feel intimidated or think you will be ‘off the back’. You can take each session as easy or as hard as you choose, based on your personal targets and how you feel at the time; there is no pressure.

If you want to push yourself you can do, and there is no better way than interval training with a group where some are going slightly faster than you on each set and you are striving to match them.

There is also an essential social element with group training, whether that be during or after the session. Many of the KTC coached sessions are now followed by a social coffee somewhere local to the session.

For further information on the benefits of Group coached sessions at KTC go to our FAQ section here to download the full document.

Train, Race, Socialise