FAQ’s – Swim

Can you tell me more about your swimming sessions?
The coached sessions are at Knutsford and Wilmslow Leisure Centres and involve focus on some drills followed by speed or endurance training. There are either 4 or 2 lanes and swimmers are graded depending in ability.

What do I need to bring to a swim session?
Swim trunks / costume, Goggles, Towel, Swim cap (only required for those with long hair)
Training aids: Pull buoy, hand paddles, kickboard, training fins
1 x 750ml drink (as a minimum)

What level of swimmer do I need to be to attend swim sessions?
We really expect people to be able to swim two lengths of front crawl before they come to a swim session. It doesn’t matter how long that takes but this is the minimum requirement.

What happens in a swim session?
We will have a coach and lifeguard cover. Each session will be different but they will all have a structured session plan which the coach will run through at the start of the session. Our structured pool-based swim sessions cater for all levels with lanes specified for different 100m paces. 

What about Open Water Swimming?
The club do sometimes put on our own Open Water sessions, and these will be advertised on Facebook and by email. Members also arrange their own meet ups during the Summer at Pickmere generally done via Whatsapp groups. You can swim for free at Pickmere, but please do take care as you are responsible for your own safety if you do this. You can also swim there via the Farm club (The Farm Club). There are also organised swims at Boundary Park, Salford Keys and the Mere via Uswim (Uswim)

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