Join KTC

Great, you’re ready to join Knutsford Tri Club. Adult Annual Membership is paid in monthly instalments of £6 per month. If you want to try some sessions, this is of course possible.


KTC operate a club management system called Joinin. All your contact, medical and emergency details are stored within the system. Joinin also handles the monthly membership fee of £6 and all training sessions are booked and paid for on it.

You can join now by clicking the link below.


You will be directed to our Joinin site where you register, set up the monthly membership payment and sign on to training sessions.

It is all pretty straightforward, but it is advisable to visit the FAQ section on Joinin which explains how it all works.

You can come to any of the swim, bike or run sessions up to three times before we ask that you pay the membership fee. You need to register on the JoinIn site and provide some medical and emergency contact details. You will then be able to sign up for sessions on a Trial basis. When booking sessions choose trial rather than calendar entry.

Please also visit our FAQ. Most questions are covered here.

If not please feel free to contact us on and our membership officer will answer your questions or guide you through the joining process.

Once registered you will be added to the KTC members Facebook page and the mailing list to receive the monthly Club Newsletter and any other club information.

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