FAQ’s – Run

What ability do I need to be to join KTC run sessions?
Our run sessions cater for all abilities. For the Run Knutsford sessions, you will be put into groups based on your ability and for Track sessions, everyone runs at their own pace round the track so no chance of being left behind!

What should you wear?
You should wear clothing suitable for the weather conditions.

I’d like to try a run session but I’m concerned over my fitness. What do they involve?
Our run sessions cater for all abilities and are a good opportunity to meet members. All abilities are catered for so please come along and give one a try.

Does the club take part in any Cross-Country leagues?
Knutsford Triathlon club are part of the MACCL Cross Country league which are a series of local monthly races held from October to February, ranging from 4.5 to 6 miles in length.

These races are certainly not just for the faster members of the club. They are an opportunity for all of us to have a good hard run which will do much to benefit our progress and core strength. Use them as a training session or to build experience of a race situation. As you tend to compete against the same people month on month it provides a good measure (and incentive!) of how you are getting on throughout the season.

These races are really well attended and have a great atmosphere with runners of all abilities taking part, making them less intimidating for newcomers.

Spikes or at least off-road shoes are strongly advised and it costs just £5.00 for the full race season!

To take part you need:

  • EA membership
  • Knutsford Tri membership
  • a club vest or T-shirt must be worn

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