Our coached swimming sessions are designed to help you develop your technique and build your stamina for both triathlon and stand-alone open water events.


The Club has allocated lanes in the 25m pool at Knutsford Leisure Centre where we have developed a simple but effective system that allows swimmers of all standards to work at their own pace.


Our sessions attract an average of twenty members and are based on the 1500m Olympic distance. The main session on Wednesday focuses on short, intense sets while on Friday it’s more about longer, less intensive work.


To bring our training closer to the competitive environment, between May and September we attend open water sessions organised by Uswim Openwater at their venues which include Dock 9, Salford Quays and Boundary Park, Holmes Chapel.


When it comes to competing, while we target entry into a wide range of specific events such as The Great North Swim at Windermere, much of our competitive swimming activity is driven by the members themselves.

Example Swim Sessions

We typically have 3 or 4 swim sessions a week – for latest swim timetable members should refer to the Weekly Update or our Facebook Members Forum. Non members are welcome to join a trial session, please email [email protected].

  • Monday Early Morning
  • Wednesday Evening
  • Friday Morning
  • Sunday Evening

All Swim Sessions held at Knutsford Leisure Centre

About KTC Coached SWIMMING

Session starts at 9pm sharp
Goggles are a must
Hats optional
Advisable to bring water for hydration throughout the session (even though some of us will swallow half the pool..!)
Each lane has a different level of ability with the fastest swimmers in lane 1 through to beginners/early intermediates in lane 4


Can you let me know what the swim Etiquette is?

Session starts at the shallow end of the pool
Lane 1 and 3 swim in a clockwise direction
Lane 2 and 4 swim in an anticlockwise direction
Swimmers go off on 5 second intervals, with the strongest swimmers going off first
If you need to overtake the person in front, please tap them on the foot towards the end of a lap and then they will move aside at the end.
At the completion of your set, finish at the wall and then move to one side to let the next swimmer finish or continue.
Please ensure you do not lean on or move the lane ropes.


What other training sessions do you do?

It’s all about the Wednesday night swim. It is the founder session for the club. We are looking at developing other sessions, so keep you eye out here and on Twitter and Facebook.


What standard do I need to be?

All standards are catered for. We run 4 lanes, ranging from regular Ironman competitors through to complete tri beginners.

Who IS the SWIMMING Champion?

The Wednesday session is championed by one of our Ironman men, Andy Dines.

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