1. How did you get into Triathlon?


I first thought about getting into triathlon whilst watching two of my infinitely more talented brothers complete the Nice Ironman in June 2010. It was an amazing achievement and made me think I should be striving to achieve something similar.


Additional reasons were a poor 4th quarter women wise in 2010 and my ever increasing 2nd, 3rd and 4th double chins which were now not allowing me to slip into my favourite Thailand made, slim fitted tailored shirts. Basically a bit of vanity.


2. What training do you enjoy and what do you hate?


I find swimming an all mighty ball ache as it’s just so repetitive and unsociable.


I love a Saturday morning ride in high summer, you get back, take off your shoes and you know you can relax and eat 10,000 beerios guilt free. I also love a good peloton, short and sweet but you get an incredible sense of adrenalin riding so quickly with no margin for error – you feel like a bit like a pro!


3. Give us an insight into your day dreams when you are out training on your own?


I day dream of completing an Ironman with all my family and closest friends there to watch. I then think of all the ways id use the fact that I was an Ironman to attract beautiful women in Panacea.


4. Give us one top training tip? Never train when you have a muscle tweak or any type of niggly injury.


If its simply tight muscles it always good to go for a small jog to get the blood pumping, however ive done it a couple of times where I’ve aggravated the injury and its set me back weeks/months and cost be a lot of wasted prior training.


5. Talk us through your best and worst tri events to date?


Ive only done two thus im not terribly experienced but ill have a go at imparting some wisdom! My first was Chester which was more of a learning experience (I took cumulatively 12 mins in transition), whilst my second was Tatton – both Olympics. I did swim the wrong way at Tatton, compounded by the fact the course was apparently way further, so if I had to say one, id say Tatton (worst). My best will be when I can learn to swim the right way and in a straight line…


6. If you were doing (or thinking of doing) a triathlon for the first time, which one piece of advice would you give?


I expect everyone else will say to ‘just go out and enjoy it’, but its nice to get the competitive juices flowing.


What made my first one so exciting is that I was doing it with a couple of friends (who were also novices) so my main concern was beating those two! If you’re training with a group or friend in preparation for your first event use this as a method to give the whole experience an extra edge…


Otherwise, when training for your running, do lots of brick training sessions as it is a massive shock to the system after you’ve been going for broke on the bicycle.


7. What’s your ultimate triathlon dream (e.g. win a race, complete an Ironman)?
A) Beat Jim Cox at anything… something… whether is a full tri, or simply the mile sprint at the end of the Tatton 6km run. Ill get him one day when he’s least expecting it…
B) Do an Ironman for sure – it will happen one day.


8. What’s your favourite piece of tri kit/gadget that you own?
I don’t own a great deal of that kinda stuff, so probably my ipod – without doubt.
I had a major tantrum on the run leg of the Chester Tri when the steward told me I couldn’t use it…


9. What’s your post race indulgence (food and drink)?
A selection of beerios and trading post event stories.


10. Finally, who from KTC would you most like to pip on the finish line?
As above. Oh, and Robin, I reckon he secretly quite rates himself after that strong showing at the baby triathlon at Tatton this year.