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    Committee Members

    Chairman – Robin Maxwell

    New Membership Secretary – Pete O’Malley

    Coaching – Vicky McKinnon

    Treasurer – Kate Peers

    Secretary/Vice – James Cox

    Marketing – Nikki Chamberlain

    Social – Tom Hardman

    Welfare – Grace Crawford

    Kit – Matt Mollart

    General – [email protected]

    Contact Number – 07870 781369

    knuttytriclub @knuttytriclub
    RT @rbr1979:Good fun to be back in the pool with fellow club members from @knuttytriclub this evening but quickly realised that…
    RT @Helenfmurray:1st time face to face coaching since March...I was nervous and worried about it all day. But the trial went ok and…
    @nikkic15 Exhausted reading it....well done! 😂