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While we welcome members who just want to run, swim or cycle, we naturally place a major focus on those training for and competing in triathlons.


Within the Club we have a great depth and breadth of triathlon experience and use this to help direct members towards events that will suit their ability and goals based on logistics and distances.


With over 500 events in the UK every year there’s a lot of opportunity to compete, but naturally we have a keen focus on our major local events such as the Manchester, Chester and Warrington Triathlons.


What is a triathlon?

A triathlon involves various distances of swimming, cycling and running depending upon the classification of the race. Triathlons can be an Olympic (or Standard) distance (1500m swim/40k bike/10k run), Sprint distance triathlon (750m swim/20k bike/5k run) and a Super Sprint distance triathlon (400m swim/10k bike/2.5k run).


There are also 2 long distance triathlons, generally known as an Ironman (3.8k swim/112 mile bike/26.2 mile run) and a half Ironman (1.9k swim/56 mile bike/13.1 mile run. Some of this distances can vary slightly from race to race to suit the course.

3rd Party Events the Club typlically attends:

High Legh 10K

Oulton Park Duathlon

Abersoch bike ride


Wilmslow Xtramile triathlon

Llandudno Xtramile triathlon

Boundary breeze

Salford tri

South Manchester Xtramile triathlon

Oulton Park Duathlon

Essar four villages half marathon

Keep an eye on the Facebook Forum to see what events members are doing this year….the more the merrier!

More About Triathlon

How long does a triathlon take on average?

For a first timer doing a sprint triathlon you should be expecting to finish in 1hour 15 mins to 2hrs. Average splits for each section would be swim 17 mins, bike 40 mins and run 25mins.


What is a transition?

Participants enter a dedicated area for the changeover from one part of the race to another and this is called transition. The transition from swim to bike (known as T1) and bike to run (T2) is generally one and the same. Transition areas are usually fenced off with a single entrance and a single exit designed so as no competitor can have a shorter route than another. Inside transition there will be a space for you to rack your bike and place your running shoes. As you finish each section you will leave unwanted equipment in this space.


What is drafting?

The majority of amateur triathlons are known as a non-drafting race which means you cannot ride directly behind another cyclist or ride in a pack. You must keep a gap (generally 10m but varies from race to race) between you and the cyclist in front but if you wish to overtake you have 30 seconds in the draft zone to complete the overtaking. If you complete the manoeuvre the cyclist you have overtaken must fall back from the draft zone but if you fail you must fall back. This rule is in place as following in a cyclist’s or cycling pack’s slipstream reduces the effort needed to ride your bike. A drafting rule ensures that the race is equal and the rule will be enforced by motorcycle referees who may issue time penalties.

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North West Region

Hi Knutsford Tri Club Members

We are looking for a potential volunteer guide to assist a partially sighted young Paratriathlete who is a member of the Northern Paratri Academy and lives near Macclesfield.

The main part of the role will be to learn how to pilot a tandem and be available to attend Academy Days on 7th January and 11th March near Edge Hill University, Ormskirk as well as being available to ride roughly every other week initially. This will lead into competing at the British Paraduathlon Championships at Bedford Autodrome on 25th March.

Looking further ahead there will be Paratriathlon events as listed on the website here:…/paratria…/national-events

Guides will need to be male aged 17-50 ish and as a very rough indication be able to swim 200m in under 3 minutes be a competent cyclist (tandem experience not essential) and be comfortable running between 20-25 minutes for 5km.

The Paraduathlon distances are 5km run 20km bike 2.5km run.

The usual Paratriathlon distances are 750m swim 20km bike and 5km run.

This is a purely voluntary role, although there may be some travelling expenses available by agreement. In the medium to long term it may lead onto further opportunities for the right person.

Please send me an email to: and I will reply asap.

Thank you
Mike Myers
TENW Regional Academy Lead
National Events
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Austria eXtreme Triathlon

Here is the short film of the heroes. Austria's most spectacular eXtreme Triathlon, Breathtaking nature in the green heart of Styria.
Registration 2018 is now open!

Austria eXtreme Triathlon
Breathtaking nature, a challenge, a team - 2018
The registration is now open! It will change your life!
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